If you’re shopping for a new puppy, and you live in New York City, it is important for you to know that:

  • The New York City Council has made new laws covering all NYC pet shops that sell dogs, cats and/or rabbits.

  • As of April 1, 2016, any puppy or kitten must be spayed or neutered before it is sold if it is 8 weeks old or older and weighs 2 pounds or more.



  • Veterinarians consider neutering at 8 - 9 weeks old potentially unhealthy for puppies and that if done at the wrong age:

Neutering increases the risk of hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, and bone cancer.

  • At American Dog Club in Lake Grove and in Massapequa, both in Long Island, just over the border from Queens, NY, we are able to offer you puppies not yet neutered - within easy transit just outside of New York City (see map below).

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